Jan 22

When using the volume control function keys on an Apple laptop or desktop, there’s a limited amount of control over the volume — each key press moves the volume by one entire unit in the onscreen bezel. However, by pressing Shift and Option along with the volume key you want to use, you can break up each large step in the volume control bezel into four parts, instead of having to use the menu bar item or System Preferences for fine-grained control.

I think this is leopard only, if it isn’t please let me know…

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6 Responses to “Set fine volume levels using the keyboard”

  1. TheMacGuy Says:

    Awesomely useful tip. I really wish I had known about this before.

    BTW, confirmed to work with the new Apple aluminum keyboard.

  2. Brandon Says:

    Very useful! Thanks!

  3. Jens Says:

    I think I will try to -alt -shif- -command click everything clickable in Leopard just to see what else is happening, thank you for sharing this information. It’s really useful.

  4. reekster Says:

    I guess you know that pressing the shift button alone makes the increase in volume silent. Good tip.

  5. Brian Says:

    Also, hitting one of the volume keys while only holding down the Option key will open up the Sound preference-panel.

  6. nl Says:

    I love this feature..

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