May 09

Apple have some information online about Mountain Lion. The byline states that it’s bringing in some of the things we love about iPad. (like notification centre)

Should be interesting!

more at Apple

written by James

Oct 06

1955-2011, RIP Steve Jobs

written by James

Aug 13

with your multitouch pad you can open and close your stack with two finger gester . Just Up your two finger and stack is open down your two finger stack will be closed same rule apply on mac os x dock icon when we bring theĀ cursor on any dock icon and up our two finger in multitouch pad the expose is working even if the application is not open it will show recent open files.

written by masoodzafar

Jun 29

A small trick for adjusting a window. Click and hold the titlebar. Than with one finger swipe the titlebar to the top of your screen. You will see a slightly darkened window. If you release your mouse/touchpad the window will fill the window to it’s maximum (like clicking on the green + radio-button).

If you the same but then from the top to down, the window restores to it’s previous size (mostly smaller).

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Jun 14


I accidentally attempted this trick of previewing the documents (without opening the file) in full screen. Not big trick, but quite productive.

Normally pressing the “Spacebar” will preview the documents and to view it full screen need press the “opposite direction arrows”. Sometimes it can slow you down.

To open the file full screen hold “alt option” key on the keyboard and press“Spacebar”. Preview will display full screen and you will enjoy more if you have a 27″ iMac.

Hope you guys like this one.


written by naren2900

Jan 03

You know “Lion” isn’t far away, it’s been announced, there’s video’s and information on Apple’s web sites, and we have a bit of an idea what is coming to us. Exciting times ahead. has been in service since Oct 2007, over three years now, delivering quality tips and tricks for your favorite operating system. We’ve had our up’s and down’s, and even looked at selling up the site. It’s with great pleasure that I announce today we will be continuing the legacy with a brand new fresh site,

Lion Tricks will be bringing you the same quality content as Leopard Tricks, including tips, tricks, howto’s and of course video’s where possible.

We are always looking for people to help with the site. Those that have helped over the years with, we thank you, you know who you are, and couldn’t have published this stuff without you!

So stay stuned, for 2011 will be very exciting!

In the meantime, don’t forget to add us on twitter @leopardtricks (rarely updated) & @liontricks (new). Check us out on Facebook and Youtube

written by James

Dec 30

So you might have an iPhone 4. You might have the facetime app for OS X. Wouldn’t it be neat if your mac could auto-answer calls??

Picture this, your mac is at home/office, you are out and about, you facetime your mac and have an instance surveillance system!

open “terminal” and type:

defaults write AutoAcceptInvitesFrom -array-add +61410003111

(where the number at the end is your own cell number, inc area code)

You can also allow it to answer from other apple-ID’s instead of cell num’s, AND auto-answer everything..

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Oct 24

We all know or may have forgotten how at least to do a screen grab of a particular part of the screen with shift+cmd+4 but, try adding a space to the end of that :D

Check it out, shift+cmd+4+space = camera icon. Now click on a window or even the dock, tool bar or your icon set on the desktop. Try it now…

Pretty cool huh!

written by Chris Davis